What is the Equality Illinois Political Action Committee (EQIL PAC)? Through participation in the electoral process at the state and local level, the EQIL PAC secures, defends, and protects the equal rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning people in Illinois. We work to ensure pro-equality candidates are elected to public office throughout Illinois. The EQIL PAC has existed since 1993.

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Elections and Races

Which races does the EQIL PAC engage in? We are registered to engage in races for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Comptroller, and the Illinois General Assembly. We can also engage in local races, such as elections for mayors, city councils, countywide officers, county boards, school boards, and special districts (for example, the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago).

Does the EQIL PAC always endorse in races where a candidate submits a completed questionnaire? The EQIL PAC may endorse no candidate in any single race.

Does the EQIL PAC endorse only one candidate per race? In a race with no pro-equality incumbent, the EQIL PAC may endorse multiple candidates in a single race.

Does the EQIL PAC endorse in federal races? No, the EQIL PAC is not registered for engagement in federal elections.

Does the EQIL PAC engage in races outside of Chicago and Cook County? Yes, we are a statewide political action committee and encourage candidates across Illinois to seek our endorsement.

Does the EQIL PAC only consider LGBTQ-identified candidates? No. We consider for endorsement those candidates who have demonstrated support or commitment for LGBTQ equality.

Do LGBTQ-identified candidate have preference over non-LGBTQ incumbents they are challenging? The EQIL PAC supports those incumbent officeholders who have demonstrated support for issues important to LGBTQ equality.  All positions being equal, like most similarly-situated PACs, the EQIL PAC supports pro-LGBTQ incumbents even over LGBTQ-identified candidates.

Does the EQIL PAC only endorse candidates of one political party? No, the EQIL PAC considers candidates of all parties and has endorsed Republican, Democrat, and third party candidates for public office. The EQIL PAC evaluates each candidate based on his or her qualifications and demonstrated commitment to the equal rights of LGBTQ people, not his or her partisan label.

The Process

What is the EQIL PAC’s endorsement process? Candidates who seek the EQIL PAC’s endorsement must complete a candidate questionnaire and return it to the EQIL PAC. In order to be considered, the completed questionnaire must be signed by the candidate. Additionally, the EQIL PAC may request an interview with the candidate. Candidates who fail to return a signed, completed questionnaire and appear for a requested interview shall not be considered for our endorsement.

How does the EQIL PAC support its endorsed candidates? Endorsed candidates may receive one or more of the following benefits: public endorsement, financial donation, position papers and help with issues, volunteers, mailings and education to the LGBTQ community, campaign management support, help with fundraising, or technical campaign support. Support depends on the available resources and the demands of the specific race.

When will questionnaires be available for completion by interested candidates? Candidate questionnaires for the 2018 Primary Election will be available in late November or early December 2017. Please check this website for updates or contact Mike Ziri at mziri@eqil.org.

For more information about the EQIL PAC, please contact Mike Ziri at mziri@eqil.org.